You don’t need multiple software applications when you use TopSolid’Cam. With this intuitive CAD/CAM solution your entire workshop’s milling and turning can be done in the same program. This provides you with more efficient and versatile performance that can be productive in and office or a workshop. TopSolid’Cam can be adapted for use in large or small companies because of its modular structure which allows you to configure your package to what your business needs.

When you buy TopSolid’Cam you are receiving benefits such as:

  • Advanced precision simulations of movement and material removal
  • Recognition of shapes and features
  • GPS tolerance
  • Comparison and control of differences between geometric models
  • Management of multi-core processors
  • And More

TopSolid’Cam allows you to manage the changes that you make to any part. Even if the part was imported from an interface your programmers will not have to start from scratch. Machining operations will follow any changes that are made to the part’s geometry. If you are using an identical or similar manufacturing procedure it is possible to save time by applying the proceeding procedure and then modify it to suit your needs.

With a modern user-friendly interface TopSolid’Cam is easy for new users to learn. ┬áThe interface includes features such as:

  • Context-sensitive menus
  • Dynamic changes to settings
  • Copy and Paste
  • Path Preview before validation
  • Advanced simulation

You can save programming time through personalize production of repetitive parts. TopSolid’Cam allows you to automate parts that belong to a family in accordance to the rules set up in a given company. The software uses a range of native and standard interfaces to retrieve both geometry and manufacturing-specific data [PMI]. Besides this TopSolid’Cam’s modeling features can be used to clean, extract, simplify, and adapt the geometry to create a model that will actually be machined.

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