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With TopSolid you can design and manufacture products, mold design and manufacturing, sheet metal design and manufacturing, progressive die design and manufacturing, as well as wood design and manufacturing. TopSolid 7 was developed by Missler and is considered a CAD/CAM/PDM/ERP solution that can be used across many industries. CAD software is used for computer aided design and is used with CAM otherwise known as computer aided machining to create  many of products on the market today. PDM stands for product data management which means that TopSolid 7 you are able to manage sets of linked files (CAD models) into folders. These functions allow you to keep up with  industry-specific requirements for the drafting, design and manufacture of products.

Design and Manufacture Products:

TopSolid 7 has an intuitive interface with a totally integrated PDM. This software is capable of interfacing with the leading CAD tools and is optimized fr the managing large assemblies. With powerful simulation tools you can create realistic renderings.

Mold Design and Manufacturing:

The Mold Design feature includes a module specifically for separating cavity blocks. With features such as unique part placement design  and smart standard components with machining information allows you to define the movement of parts.

Sheet Metal Design and Manufacturing:

With TopSolid Sheetmetal you are offered a broad selection of manual functions as well as centralized data.  This program allows for lower waste rates because of its optimized nestings. Also, waste and material tracibility is automatically managed. It also includes expert level machine post-processors and document management such as data sheets and labels.

Progressive Die Design and Manufacturing:

Wood Design and Manufacturing:


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